Sylvant works with academic institutions and enterprises to prepare them for their next phase of growth. With the growing internationalization of education, many Universities are looking at expanding to India and Asia. Similarly, in these regions and other emerging nations, academic systems are gearing to plug themselves in emerging directions of education. Sylvant advises these institutions on these expansion and transformational plans by providing on-ground execution support. Sylvant also works with technology companies in the education sector who are re-defining the building blocks of education in the globalization era on visioning, strategy, business & operational excellence.


Sylvant works with Entrepreneurs and early stage companies to accelerate their growth. Beginning with critical investment or fund raising effort, drafting business strategies, providing operational support and being a part of an entire growth lifecycle are the key levers to accelerate the growth of these entrepreneurial ventures.


Sylvant follows the developments in the education sector globally, understands stakeholder expectations and anticipates key opportunity areas which such trends highlights. This experience and knowledge are churned in our “Insights Engine” that help us envision the future of Education.