We are at the cusp of a massive transformation in learning and education systems – almost at a point of time, where certain “Berlin Walls” are collapsing. Education is poised to both change significantly and grow rapidly the next decade. Riding on the massive advancement in consumer technologies, the building blocks of education across the entire educational spectrum are morphing rapidly. Every nation is endorsing these changes as not just solutions for better learning outcomes but solutions for 21st century challenges of access and equity. Combined with internationalization of education, academic systems globally are seeking to graduate to the new education paradigm unfolding today. This is also spawning fervent entrepreneurial activities with innovations focused towards defining and scaling these transformations.

Manifesting in different sizes and shapes, carefully nurtured, these changes would lead to a transformation, creating significant social and financial impact for all the stakeholders. It is in these exciting times that Sylvant intends to play a role in helping education systems, and all connected stakeholders to achieve this transformation.