A pathbreaking Career Guidance Program

Lodestar is a pathbreaking career guidance program that connects to your passion, reflects on your strengths and creates a bond with right career through systematic guidance. Lodestar uses a reliable and authentic data driven approach to career guidance and career building, where a lot of hand holding is practiced so that students finally decide the appropriate career for themselves. This program is currently available for students in Class IX and Class X in Bangalore. read more..

Atelier Learning

Atelier is inventing and providing disruptive digital learning environments and tools that maximize human and organizational performance at lower costs through cutting edge research and value innovation.

Atelier is a team of inventors and innovators, with combined simulations and learning solutions experience of over 35 years. Team members have pioneered various large scale national and international eLearning & HR initiatives and products.

The core team brings in to Atelier a credible track record and strong experience, having won reputed industry awards and having successfully partnered with several Fortune 100 companies over the past 15 years.

Atelier is the winner of Economic Time Power of Ideas contest 2011 and founding member of National Association for Simulation and Serious Games (NASSG) - India.

Magnus Gyan

Magnus Gyan (MG) is a Delaware-based LLC that provides low-cost, high-quality technological solutions to middle class citizens of emerging market economies. The company has identified Brazil as its first target market as the country’s exponential growth and upcoming global sporting events (the World Cup and the Olympics) dually exert pressure on the government to facilitate English language learning across the country. In early 2012, MG partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology-Rajasthan (IIT-R) as a technology consultant. IIT-R is one of the world’s leading engineering institutes and widely regarded as the global thought leader on low-cost access devices. This partnership has produced the world’s first high quality $65 Tablet. MG has secured the exclusive rights from IIT-R to bring this technology to Brazil. MG is also partnering with some of the world’s largest educational organizations to provide exclusive content focused on teaching, training and testing. Through these partnerships, MG aims to affordably enhance traditional teaching methods while also granting students unprecedented access to information, spurring their desire and ability to learn even outside the classroom.

Management: MG boasts a senior management team composed of individuals who have attained success in the US, India & Brazil in the consumer goods market. The firm’s CEO Kartik Kilachand has a proven track record in building consumer franchises in both developed and developing countries, particularly the USA and India. MG’s President, Shawn Landgraf, is also a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology sector developing both hardware and software. MG has also partnered with Robert Janssen, an American and Brazilian dual-citizen who advises international companies on entrance and market strategies in the Brazil. The management’s strong credentials have also attracted other global technology/education companies to partner with MG.


Guru -G is the world’s first gamified platform for teaching, teacher training & teacher certification that bridges the gap between training and classroom teaching. Teachers use Guru-G as an in-class tablet/mobile companion that helps them learn new skills & customize their teaching methods in real-time to fit class mood & student performance.

The founding team has a collective experience of over 30 years in education. Previous products have helped teachers adopt game based learning & assessments have been commercially adopted across 12 states in India and have over 2 million plays. They have partnered with foundations & companies that directly support over 4000 schools and reach over 3 million students.

GuruG is also one of the top 11 tech companies from around the world selected to join Unreasonable-At-Sea, a global tech accelerator by Unreasonable Institute & Stanford d.School.